Quartz and mechanical replica watches are mainly belts

Currently, quartz and mechanical watches are mainly belts. In terms of life, tungsten steel strips have high hardness, are not easily worn and are quite expensive, but they are relatively fragile and worry about serious consequences. The steel strip has a slightly lower hardness but a higher strength. When it is detected that sweat or chemicals become weak and hard, the belt is eroded for a long time. A small one is used to attach to the belt and it is also prone to cracking and deformation. However, the strap is relatively mild, lightweight, replica rolex and relatively comfortable to wear, and is not susceptible to damage to the skin or clothing. In terms of style, tungsten steel is a kind of steel strip and steel strip, which has a strong metallic feeling and gives a sense of strength. The strap is more elegant and elegant. In short, several straps have their own characteristics. You can choose according to your preferences and needs.

Mirror table: The mirror on the watch is mainly divided into synthetic crystal glue, mineral glass and sapphire crystal. Synthetic water

The resistance to rubber crystals is a bit poor, easy to return to zero, but more impact resistance; glass sapphire glass is a degree of wear, but the material is more fragile

Violent effects; mineral concrete glass between them fake watches should pay attention to diamonds even for wear-resistant sapphire glass.

Grinding stones, sandpaper, nail files, flower cleaning surfaces, concrete walls, etc., to avoid scratching the surface.