Replica Rolex watches-Tooth ring on the back of the Oyster case

In the 2019 version, the ring gear has been corrected to the same vertical drawing process as the original. This is a small detail that was not realized before.

But here we have to correct a misunderstanding of your brothers. The link between the strap and lug of the genuine Rolex also has a slight gap. It is not completely tight. (Of course, there are also high imitation watches.) Sometimes the size of the gap replica watches between the two sides is not the same. If you care about these, you can carefully check the quality control pictures during Q.C. Don't ask for delivery.

The back ring of the oyster case has the same size and size as the original. Both genuine and imitations can be opened with Rolex's dedicated lid opening tool.

Are Rolex 116610LV Green Water Ghosts accurate? I believe that the question about the accuracy of replica rolex has a question in the hearts of many table friends. Just how accurate can Rolex go, and how accurate is the mechanical watch? Here I tested the accuracy of Rolex. The disparity is about 16 seconds, and it is still very accurate and precise as a whole. Slightly better than the Swiss ETA movement.